Meet The World’s Pickiest Eater … Seriously

I thought I was a picky eater, with all my no mayo, no onions, dressing on the side stipulations, but this woman, recently featured on “Good Morning America,” makes me look like a dream to cook for.

Maria Lopez is a 54-year-old woman who eats like a toddler. She will only eat three foods: dairy products, white bread and potatoes. And sometimes bacon. I mean, who can resist bacon? (Vegetarians and vegans excluded.) She eats no fruits or veggies. She’d just as soon eat produce as she would eat your shoe. Her words, not mine.

Maria has been eating this way since she was an infant and talks about gagging on her baby food. “It’s generally a texture issue and kind of food sensitivity,” Marla explains.

It may be more than that though. The Center for Eating Disorders calls this Adult Picky Eating and the American Psychiatric Association is considering adding this to their list of formal psychological disorders. [ABC News]