Tales Of First Dates During Hurricane Sandy

I was kind of bowled over to hear that not just one but TWO of my close friends had planned first dates during Hurricane Sandy. WHAT? I say this as a person who HATES staying inside my apartment for too long, but seriously, I don’t care how amazing the guy was, I wouldn’t have stepped outside during the storm for any reason whatsoever. OK, maybe for a new bottle of wine at the liquor store across the street. Maybe.

First dates are anxiety-provoking enough without worrying about whether or not you’ll get struck dead by a wayward tree branch or drowned in a storm-surge flood. Forget about awkward conversation, life-threatening weather conditions really up the ante. I mean, what do you even plan to do during a Hurricane date-wise? Drink at your apartment? If you dare to venture out do you wear a wet suit? But then again, it could be incredibly romantic.

Naturally, I stalked my friends to see how their “Hurricane dates” went. Not like I had anything better to do. Below, accounts of how their first dates went as dictated to me via text/email.

Dater #1: 32-year-old gay male living in Brooklyn, New York

“We talked on the net for a few days and planned to meet up on Monday after work, thinking the storm would have passed. Then we realized it was only gonna get worse, so we decided on a 3pm coffee date, so as not to chance NYC being washed away and having never gotten the chance to meet. The coffee place we went to was closed but one nearby was open. We caught up on each other’s life stories in a decently filled coffee house. After a few compliments and weather checks, we decided to go to a bar for a beer. The bars that were open appeared to be full of loud people and too brightly lit. We preferred walking in the rain, both realizing the impending doom and the possibility of a bright future were equally present. He noticed my poncho was tucked behind my ear like his and thought it was  a sign. I just wanted to hear what he was saying but then we were kissing in the rain, which led to making out in my apt. At about 5:30am he decided he should go home because being stuck at my house for two or three days was too much for a first date. I agreed and am waiting for his text. I love being single !!!”

Dater #2: 40-year-old straight female living in Brooklyn, New York

“We met at the Russian baths on the LES and we planned to go out on Monday. Sunday he texted me and told me that no 90 MPH winds was going to stop him from taking me out. On Monday, the plan was still on until he couldn’t cross the Brooklyn Bridge to pick me up. They closed both the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges, so we rescheduled.”

*I tried to ask her follow up questions about what they had planned to do, but her power went out. She checked in to tell me she’s fine, but I figured it wasn’t top priority to ask her dating questions.

If these two planned first dates during Hurricane Sandy, there must have been more folks out there who did the same.

Did you or anyone you know go on a Hurricane Date? Would you have? Tell us in the comments.