Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Is Dita Von Teese Correct That Men Like Watching Women “Get Ready”?

Last week, burlesque star Dita Von Teese had me scratching my head at something she said in an interview with Into The Gloss. Dita, who is publishing an offbeat beauty guide soon, was giving tips on how to “sexify” getting ready so it turns on your man. She explained:

“In my book, I’ll have all kinds of things in it that you just don’t do around guys — like how I do my hair if a guy’s watching, how to make the process glamorous, so it doesn’t look crazy. I won’t go around with the hot rollers and all the clips in front of a guy that I’m dating, so, I know how to curl my hair with a curling iron, and use duckbill clips so it looks nice when I’m doing it. … But there are certain things to be discreet about during the seduction process. Men like to watch you get ready, but I kind of tailor things a little bit for when they’re watching.”

I wasn’t entirely sure I could take Dita Von Teese’s word for it. I’ve had boyfriends who have not been able to take their hands off me while I’m trying to get dressed in the morning or putting on makeup and I’ve also had boyfriends who could not have cared less. Some guys might be turned on by the voyeuristic element but I imagine most of them are just terrified at how scary eyelash curlers look. Anyway, I’m sure Dita has a full-on boudoir and anything she does is instantly sexed up by mood lighting and the smell of Agent Provocateur Petale Noir. She’s not exactly the status quo of beauty grooming here.

But I love Dita and I thought she might have a point. So I did what Frisky girls do in this scenario and turned to guys on my IM for the scoop:

Frisky Commenter LR52185, 28, Europe:

Do you like watching a girl get ready?

I’m not sure I’ve ever “watched” a girl get ready. I mean, I’ve seen girls change and waited 34,983,409,234 light years for them to do their hair/makeup.

And you’re standing at the door saying “I want to leave now.”

I’m the guy that says “you’re beautiful with no makeup on,” because it’s true and I also really just want to leave now.

I’m surprised you disagree with Dita so much. There’s nothing sexy about watching a girl get ready to go out?

There’s nothing sexy about blowdrying hair, ever. Even if you’re naked it’s still not sexy. You might be sexy, but the act is not.

Fair enough. Dita also said in that interview that she used to dye her ex-husband Marilyn Manson’s hair for him. That’s kind of weird, right?

I’ve dyed girls hair before. I’ve also braided it if asked. So if there’s some good wine being offered and I can maybe watch some sports, or maybe Nat Geo/Discovery/History channel, sounds like a party to me. But no dyeing my hair … girl be trippin’ if she tries that.

Startup Guy, 29, NYC:

Do you like watching a girl get ready?

I don’t really get turned on during makeup time.  It’s cute up to a certain point and then it gets waste of time-y.  Full disclosure: I think my girlfriend looks great when she doesn’t have makeup on.

So you also think it’s not really possible to sexify this whole shebang?

I think it’s possible, but like most things, in order to be sexy, it’s all about the attitude.  You need to sell it and believe 100 percent that you are being seriously, intentionally sexy.  Not like rushing through to get out to the door.

Dita said in that interview that she used to dye her ex-husband Marilyn Manson’s hair for him. That’s kind of weird, right?

We will never dye our hair together.  As we get older, we will tacitly, but never publicly, accept that we both dye our hair separately. Until like 50.  And then it’s grey city.

Dita was also very vehement in the interview that women need to pluck their nipple hairs. Obviously she wasn’t advise that we do this in front of guys and make it “sexy,” it still seems like decent advice. Agree?

What?  They don’t exist.  Or at the very least, my girlfriend keeps me well shielded from this fact (or made up fact).

Sports Dude, 33, Connecticut:

Do you like watching a girl get ready?

I do, especially if there’s football on and I have a drink in my hand. (Kidding! We’re talking about like, for dinner right?) I think it’s sexy in the sense that you see what you are hopefully going to see later.

That’s interesting. You’re the first guy who has kinda agreed with Dita that watching a girl put on makeup or whatever could be sexy.

I guess it’s possible. Not sure I would call putting on makeup sexy.  It depends on what you/they are wearing while getting ready. The less the better.

Dita said in that interview that she used to dye her ex-husband Marilyn Manson’s hair for him. That’s kind of weird, right?

A hair-dyeing party is about the least weird thing I imagine they did together. Unless there were midgets involved, and even then!

Harvard Med Guy, 29, Boston:

Do you like watching a girl get ready?

I care about whether she looks good when she arrives to see me or when we head out on the town, but I don’t feel much about the getting-ready portion. I like seeing the RESULTS of a small-to-medium amount of makeup. It’s not mandatory by any means, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to raise my interest. I’m gonna check her out more.  While she’s applying [makeup], I just don’t want to see anything gross. It’s fine if she wants to just close the door and do her thing in the bathroom. Can’t think of any major turnoffs, but yeah handling armpits she might as well do privately.

Okay, so some turnoffs. Any turnons?

That “fixing up” of hair, whatever that’s about [Um … fixing her hair? — Editor], whenever her hands go behind her head and her shirt lifts up over her belly button, she’s got my attention. Hair-fixing, for real … it’s a great move for a girl, anywhere from the getting-ready bathroom to dinner to watching a movie. Could even get a guy to see you as more than a friend.

Nipple hairs: they are the worst, agreed?

Yeah, I dated someone with them pretty full-fledged, and I survived and never brought it up. But really they ought to be handled as comprehensively as possible.

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