The 9 Most Unintentionally Scary Movies

It’s happened to all of us: you go to a movie expecting a thoughtful drama or lighthearted romp.  No one warned you — it was all a sick trick to expose you to a vision as bloodcurdling as any “Saw” sequel.

Two hours later, you stumble into the lobby, unsure whether it’s tears or your last meal welling up. Maybe it was a disturbing truth exposed in the film that did it. Or maybe the line between surrealist daydream and psychotic nightmare was inadvertently crossed. In honor of Halloween, here’s our list of top 9 movies that failed to warn us in the commercials that they’d scar us for life.

9. “Kids” (1995)

Horror Genre: The “Kids Today Are Out of Control!” grimy drama

Not to be confused with the adorable documentary “Babies” (2010), “Kids” tells the story of Telly, a teenage kleptomaniac who spends his free time — when he’s not stealing or taking drugs — looking for virgins to sleep with because they won’t give him STDs (he’s a real thinker).  What he doesn’t know is that he has AIDS (oh, the irony). Many an unsuspecting moviegoer walked into the theater feeling fine, and walked out craving a shower and a confessional. Read more…