Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: Meeting Mama Clark, Closing In On Dexter & Wearing Brody Down

I feel sort of sorry for “Dexter” and “Revenge.” Compared to the mind-blowing awesomeness that is “Homeland,” these two otherwise fantastic shows are kinda limping behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying both of them, but they’re basically just a tasty appetizer before an incredibly exciting, satiating meal that is “Homeland.” And, frankly, that was never more true than last night…

“Revenge.” Can we take a moment to discuss the fact that Amanda and Jack named their baby Carl? Now, no offense to any Carls or Carl-lovers out there, but Carl is kind of a weird baby name. For the record, I love old man names for babies. But Carl is just not even an old man baby name. I know that Carl was Jack’s dad’s name, but couldn’t they have given him the middle name? Or given him a “Fresh Prince” spin and called him Carlton? Whatever, my opinion doesn’t matter, but mark my words, Carl is going to insist on being called something like DANGER or something when he’s a teenager.

“Homeland.” WHOOMP THERE IT IS. That is all I have to say. Brody has been turned. Hopefully. All through the power of Carrie Mathison’s tears. Watch this spectaaaaaacular scene above.