Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: Meeting Mama Clark, Closing In On Dexter & Wearing Brody Down

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 29, 2012

I feel sort of sorry for “Dexter” and “Revenge.” Compared to the mind-blowing awesomeness that is “Homeland,” these two otherwise fantastic shows are kinda limping behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying both of them, but they’re basically just a tasty appetizer before an incredibly exciting, satiating meal that is “Homeland.” And, frankly, that was never more true than last night…

“Revenge.” Can we take a moment to discuss the fact that Amanda and Jack named their baby Carl? Now, no offense to any Carls or Carl-lovers out there, but Carl is kind of a weird baby name. For the record, I love old man names for babies. But Carl is just not even an old man baby name. I know that Carl was Jack’s dad’s name, but couldn’t they have given him the middle name? Or given him a “Fresh Prince” spin and called him Carlton? Whatever, my opinion doesn’t matter, but mark my words, Carl is going to insist on being called something like DANGER or something when he’s a teenager.

Speaking of Carl, his mom Amanda is doing a-okay! She’s alive! She’s awake! She’s back at her home above the bar! And she’s not even really mad that she almost died after falling over a balcony. That chick is a trooper. Emily clues Amanda into the fact that her mom (Emily’s real mom, Amanda’s pretend mom) Cara Clark has returned to the Hamptons after hearing about Amanda’s accident. Amanda, naturally, is like, “Oh yay! My near death wasn’t for naught!” But of course, while she was sleeping, Emily recovered a memory of Cara trying to kill her as a child, and thus is less than excited about her being back on the scene, especially since she may be a threat to Amanda and Carl. In the clip above, Emily listens in as Amanda comes face to face with her pretend mom for the first time.

By the way, Emily, realizing that Amanda has kind of done a lot for her stupid revenge plot, owns up to the fact that she lied and that Jack really is Carl’s father. Again, Amanda is not even really mad. That girl has such low self-esteem.

A bunch of other stuff happened involving Nolan’s company and the Grayson’s company and Nolan’s maybe shady new girlfriend and that hot British guy, but it was boring and there will probably be a new twist next week that mixes everything up again anyway.

“Dexter.” So, there have been three, no four, major plotlines happening on “Dexter” this season, which may be to the show’s detriment because I don’t care about all of them. But here they are:

  1. Deb coming to terms with Dexter being a serial killer.
  2. LaGuerta investigating the possibility that the Bay Harbor Butcher (ahem, Dexter) is still alive.
  3. The whole Russian mob story.
  4. Recovering the bodies of people killed by Wayne Randall, with Hannah McKay’s help.

The mob story has only been interesting the sense that Dexter killed one of their members since being found out by Deb, and given that Miami PD is investigating the Russian mob for the murder of Lt. Mike Anderson, basically Dexter’s work and hobby are blending a little too much.

The Hannah McKay story is odd to me. Is she supposed to be a possible future kill for Dexter? Is she a potential love interest? She does try to engage him in eye sex. In last night’s episode, Dexter figured out that she wasn’t such an “unwilling” accomplice of Wayne Randall’s after all, a fact that he kept to himself, since McKay has immunity in exchange for helping them recover the bodies of the victim — which leads me to believe Dexter is going to take her out himself. But, like, why? How is this any different than any of his other kills? In other words, WHY IS THIS TAKING UP PRECIOUS MINUTES unless it meannnnns something for furthering the show’s plot overall. QUESTIONS!

LaGuerta’s rogue investigation into whether the Bay Harbor Butcher (BHB) is still out there intersects directly with Deb’s journey towards figuring out how to deal with having a serial killer for a brother. In the clip above, she becomes Dexter’s willing accomplice, as she tags along with LaGuerta as she goes to interview the family of a man who went missing that she thinks may be connected to the BHB — a man Deb knows Dexter killed (because he was a murderer, of course). And Deb, upon realizing that there is evidence of Dexter’s connection to the man, does was she has to in order to cover his ass. But will it be enough? And, to quote the Alaskan yodeling singer Jewel, “Whooooo will saaaaaa-aaaaaaaavvvvvve your soul?”

“Homeland.” WHOOMP THERE IT IS. That is all I have to say. Brody has been turned. Hopefully. All through the power of Carrie Mathison’s tears. Watch this spectaaaaaacular scene above.