Ryan Murphy On “American Horror Story”‘s Exorcism

“American Horror Story: Asylum” creator Ryan Murphy talked to Entertainment Weekly about Wednesday night’s episode in which there was a cuh-raz-y exorcism and dropped a (fun!) casting spoiler for later in the season. I’m gonna put this quotable after the jump, just in case y’all haven’t watched it yet!

Murphy dished:

I think it was a really cool interesting episode to write about the power of goodness and faith over the power of evil. And that exorcism took forever to shoot. It was very complicated [and] draining. It was very physical on the actors, particularly Jessica [Lange]. I loved writing about it. We have a line coming up in an episode where the devil says, “I know everything.” I think that’s a very interesting way to look at that scene. And I like the device of the devil himself telling the audience about Sister Jude. That was the first thing we came up with: how do we tell the audience? … Another day in the AHS writers room. Let’s have Satan tell us that Jessica [Lange’s character] was a failed floozy.

I was not entirely surprised to find out about Sister Jude’s cabaret girl past. I figured she had done something to make her so rigid and scary.

But my favorite part of this Ryan Murphy interview is when he drops that Dylan McDermott from season one is re-joining a few episodes down the line … hopefully with his shirt off.

I just love Dylan. He and I spoke at great length at the end of last year because Dylan loved the experience and loved the material and the actors and he and I really wanted him to come back. I wanted him to do something that’s the opposite of what he’s done. He’s introduced in episode 9, which is our winter cliff-hanger. So he’s a big part of the last chunk of the episodes. We plotted and plotted and came up with something that is great and he actually starts filming tomorrow. I love it because it’s a real departure for Dylan, who is usually such a handsome leading man.

I approve! Dylan McDermott is no Connie Britton, of course. But nothing is perfect.

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