Planned Parenthood Files New Lawsuit Against State Of Texas

  • Planned Parenthood in Texas filed a new lawsuit today regarding a federal appeals court decision to not reconsider a ruling that allows TX to exclude PP from its low-income women’s healthcare funding. TX is expressly excluding PP because the organization provides abortions, even though the majority of the care it provides come in the form of cancer screenings, birth control prescriptions, and other basic health care. Our Hitched columnist Andrea Grimes, who lives in Austin, TX, explains it all in depth here. [Reuters]
  • Another young woman tells the story of how she was failed by so-called “support services” when she was raped and impregnated.  She was actually told by someone at an anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy center” that because she and her rapist were both white, the baby would have an easier time being adopted. This, my friends, is why you should never, ever go to a CPC. [Reproductive Health Reality Check]
  • Why are we so afraid of childless women? [Guardian UK]
  • Start-ups are more likely to succeed if they have women on the executive team, according to a new study from Dow Jones. [LearnVest]
  • French politicians attended presentations on how not to be sexist, how not to stereotype, and how not to use inappropriate language when referring to groups of people. Jeez, can we get this over in America? Like, yesterday? [Inquisitr]
  • Women in Saudi Arabia are subverting sexism with their own “cyber civil society.” [Wired UK]
  • Dr. Brooke Magnanti (aka the blogger Belle du Jour upon whom the TV show “Secret Diary Of A Callgirl” was based) talks about the Caitlin Moran/”Girls” controversy and why she no longer calls herself a feminist. [ONTD]
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