“Personal” Pics Of Sofia Vergara Stolen From Fiance’s Phone

  • They’re not nude pics, but Sofia Vergara still does not want the “personal” photos stolen from her fiancé Nick Loeb’s phone to get out. The photos were apparently hacked from Loeb’s Blackberry or stolen after he lost the phone. The images, which are now being sold to tabloids, show Sofia “in her bathroom and the bedroom” but “are not fully revealing.” So basically, there’s a big ol’ fuss over some pictures of a woman in her bathroom. [Page Six]
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  • Hollywood liberal Sean Penn and skeezy skeezer Kid Rock have teamed up for a political PSA urging us all to just get along as “Americans.” [HyperVocal]
  • This chick’s boyfriend bit her like a vampire in his sleep. New thing to be afraid of! [Em & Lo]
  • Halloween makeup ideas for under $10. [Betty Confidential]
  • Five ways to make a cheap coat look more expensive. [Lucky Mag]
  • Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West were spotted lunching at a New York City hotel … which means Kim Kardashian is but one step away from Chanel. [Page Six]
  • Michael Bublé is in talks to record a duet with Reese Witherspoon. [Perez Hilton]
  • 20 Halloween pop culture pumpkin fails — although I think anyone who can carve pumpkins this well deserves kudos. [The FW]
  • White House party-crasher/ex-“Real Housewives of D.C.” husband Tareq Salahi somehow got a photo with former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. How does he do it?! [TMZ]
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