Lena Dunham On Her First Time … Voting

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham has come out as a supporter of President Obama by recording this campaign video, in which she talks about her first time … voting, that is. “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” she says. “It should be with a great guy.” Dunham goes on to say that voters should cast their ballot for someone that “cares about whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control.” The saucy ad is naturally inspiring some conservative ire, with some calling it “disgusting” and questioning its “appropriateness.”

But the most ridiculous response I’ve seen comes from Slate, which offered this click baiting headline, “Did Lena Dunham Personally Cost Democrats The 2004 Election?” See, Lena was of voting age when John Kerry ran against George W. Bush, so why didn’t she vote ohmygod that one vote could have won the election damn herrrrrrrr! Except not, because Dunham lived in New York, which went blue in 2004, so her vote wouldn’t have mattered. But way to put your own spin on the topic, guys! Anyway, what do you think of Dunham’s campaign video for Obama?