It’s A “Nashville” Recap, Y’All: Daddy Issues, Sticky Fingers & Low Self-Esteem

Amelia McDonell-Parry | October 25, 2012 - 3:40 pm

Every episode of “Nashville” brings me such joy. I love that there are musical interludes but that the entire show isn’t just one song-and-dance number after the other. I love that everyone is genuinely talented — this is hardly a David Silver-becomes-a-rapper situation; everyone who sings on the show, from Her Royal Highness Connie Britton to Hayden Panettiere to Sam Palladio to the cuties who play Rayna Jaymes’ kids, actually has a genuine set of pipes. Anyway, let’s get to the recap of last night’s episode!

And lastly, we have sweet Scarlett and handsome Gunnar, the waitress/bartender duo who have an awesome opportunity to cut a couple tracks with renowned producer Watty — but Scarlett chokes. Is she really not talented enough or is she just scared of losing her jealous boyfriend if she becomes more successful than he is? I’d reckon that that “Nashville”‘s entire viewership would agree with me that Scarlett should dump that chump Avery for Gunnar, and obviously that’s where the show is headed, so I suppose we must be patient. Avery proves he’s not the absolute worst all the time and gives Scarlett his support — but only after Gunnar pushes him to. In the montage above, Scarlett gets a second chance in the studio, and she and Gunnar record a new song, “Fade Into You”… and what’s that we see, as Scarlett and Gunnar’s gorgeous voices croon? Juliette Barnes, kleptomaniac, pocketing a bottle of nail polish in a store — which a few fans capture on video. Oopsies! Maybe Rayna’s tour won’t have competition after all, if Juliette ends up in the pokey…