It’s A “Nashville” Recap, Y’All: Daddy Issues, Sticky Fingers & Low Self-Esteem

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 25, 2012

Every episode of “Nashville” brings me such joy. I love that there are musical interludes but that the entire show isn’t just one song-and-dance number after the other. I love that everyone is genuinely talented — this is hardly a David Silver-becomes-a-rapper situation; everyone who sings on the show, from Her Royal Highness Connie Britton to Hayden Panettiere to Sam Palladio to the cuties who play Rayna Jaymes’ kids, actually has a genuine set of pipes. Anyway, let’s get to the recap of last night’s episode!

Country-pop tartlet Juliette Barnes (Panettiere) is still not taking no for an answer from Rayna’s band leader Deacon Clayburne. She wants him in her band and on her tour and she’ll do anything to get him, including inviting him back to her bed. She’s still a little sore that despite bedding Deacon, he chose to invite Rayna to sing with him at the Bluebird instead of her. “Someday, I’d like to be the girl worth choosing,” she says. You know, as much as Juliette is rough around the edges and kind of conniving, it’s in moments like these that I really empathize with her. She’s used to not having anyone to depend on, given that her mom is a drug addict and didn’t take great care of her. It’s no wonder that it feels personal to her that Deacon isn’t dropping his deal with Rayna for a new one with her — she has everything to offer and yet he still doesn’t want her. Deacon, for his part, finally stopped thinking with his dick and started thinking with his heart/head — it appears that by the end of the episode, he chose to end his partnership with Rayna, but not to join up with Juliette, who he said deserves better. Will Deacon try to make it on his own, instead of hitching his wagon to either of these women? Heh, heh, wagons.

It seems the Jaymes’ talent runs in the family, as we got to see Rayna’s daughters perform at their school talent show. Best part? They sang Juliette’s song, “Telescope,” but with their own spin, taking the tempo down and keeping the instrumentals simple. Honestly? It was better than Juliette’s version and yeah, yeah, I know this show isn’t REAL, but I kind of want to see the Jaymes’ girls start their own band and tour with mom. They were amazing. 

So, Rayna’s sleazy douche of a dad Lamar is really determined to see her husband become mayor — for his own financial gain, of course, but his desire to see his daughter put her career aside seems personal. Rayna found out from her sister that their mother carried on a decades-long affair with a musician, so, basically, Lamar hates musicians because a musician was responsible for his unhappy marriage. Thus, he hates that Rayna is a musician. Lamar needs therapy, obvs. In the scene above, Rayna pays her dad a visit, hoping to just get the truth out in the open. Lamar doesn’t appreciate being revealed as a cuckhold and responds like any insecure man terrified of his emotions would — he lashes out and says that his issue with Rayna being a professional musician is that it takes away from her being a good wife and mother. Oh how very paternalistic of him. Rayna ain’t havin’ that and spits back that if he treated her mother as badly as he treats her, she doesn’t blame her for straying. Oooh, BURN.

And lastly, we have sweet Scarlett and handsome Gunnar, the waitress/bartender duo who have an awesome opportunity to cut a couple tracks with renowned producer Watty — but Scarlett chokes. Is she really not talented enough or is she just scared of losing her jealous boyfriend if she becomes more successful than he is? I’d reckon that that “Nashville”‘s entire viewership would agree with me that Scarlett should dump that chump Avery for Gunnar, and obviously that’s where the show is headed, so I suppose we must be patient. Avery proves he’s not the absolute worst all the time and gives Scarlett his support — but only after Gunnar pushes him to. In the montage above, Scarlett gets a second chance in the studio, and she and Gunnar record a new song, “Fade Into You”… and what’s that we see, as Scarlett and Gunnar’s gorgeous voices croon? Juliette Barnes, kleptomaniac, pocketing a bottle of nail polish in a store — which a few fans capture on video. Oopsies! Maybe Rayna’s tour won’t have competition after all, if Juliette ends up in the pokey…