10 Songs We Wish Justin Timberlake Had Sang Jessica Biel Down The Aisle

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By now you’ve probably heard about how Justin Timberlake sang his new bride Jessica Biel down the aisle with a special song. That’s really nice and all, but we think it would have been so much more hilarious if he had sang one of his classic songs instead. After all, Justin and Jessica are total jokesters — a couple of their friends recorded a video featuring homeless people around Los Angeles wishing the couple well — hilarious! So we’ve compiled a list of wedding song alternatives.

Like, for instance:

  1. “Cry Me A River”
  2. “Bye, Bye, Bye”
  3. “Gone”
  4. “Dick In A Box”
  5. “Motherlover”
  6. The “Mickey Mouse Club” theme song
  7. “No Strings Attached”
  8. “Rock Your Body”
  9. “I Want It That Way’ (yes, we know it’s Backstreet!)
  10. “Oops! I Did It Again” (in memory of Brit-Brit)
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