Little Boy Learns He Can’t Be A Princess For Halloween

I have a love-hate relationship with “What Would You Do?”, the so-called ‘reality’ show that hires actors to enact controversial situations in public to gauge the response of random people. I don’t actually watch the show, but every time I read about one of the show’s episodes online — What will happen when this neo-Nazi group sits down at IHOP? — I’m off to the races to watch the shit out of that thing.

It’s inevitable, really, that they would do a show about Halloween and little kids costumes. Get your little black hearts ready: an adorable boy is going to find out from some busybody ladies at a Halloween store why he can’t be a princess for Halloween.  

“What Would You Do?” also switched the genders around and had a little girl who is begging to wear the Spiderman costume. Surprising to me, at least, the random parents at the Halloween store have the same reaction. One mother even warns the actress mom that she has to “break her out of it.”

As far as ‘reality’ TV social experiments go, this “What Would You Do?” clip actually a good example of how parents are the ones policing their children’s perceived gender and sexuality instead of letting them just do what makes the kids happy. And it’s very, very depressing.

The second mom in the first segment — despite discouraging the little boy actor “Quentin” from being a princess — actually makes a good point: Halloween costumes make “girly” versions of Spiderman and other superheroes. But boys who want to be princesses are shit out of luck.

[YouTube via Think Progress]

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