Hump Day Hottie: The San Francisco Giants’ Ángel Pagán

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Once upon a time, when I was but a tween on the cusp of puberty, I was really, really into baseball. And my favorite player was the San Diego Padres’ right fielder Tony Gwynn. While I mostly felt admiration for his incredible skill in both fielding and hitting, I also had a small crush on the strapping 300 lb. Gwynn, and the life-size poster that adorned my wall (alongside Teen Beat tearsheets of younger heartthrobs) proved as much. If I was still into baseball and still gave precious wall space to life-size posters of athletes, Ángel Pagán would be the man whose two-dimensional stare would follow me around the room as I undressed. The handsome San Francisco Giants’ outfielder plays in tonight’s first World Series game against the Detroit Tigers. When I asked my Giants’ loving friends who was the handsomest man with a bat in the Bay Area, Puerto Rican-born Pagán got the most love — and I’m sure you can see why. And did I mention that he led the National League in triples? Mmm, round those bases, Ángel! I may not be an avid baseball fan these days, but as a born and bred California girl and a lover of handsome bearded men, this Hump Day Hottie post is dedicated to Ángel Pagán and the entire Giants team. Get it, Orange and Black!