Beyond Like And Share: 10 Other Facebook Buttons We Would Use All The Time

Facebook recently added a “promote” button, which allows users to pay a few bucks to ensure their posts reach a larger audience. This means Facebook posts now include “like,” “share,” and “promote” buttons, but still, we feel some key button opportunities are being missed. After the jump, a list of other buttons that would really streamline the Facebook experience…

1. “Jealous.” No need to comment on your friend’s European cruise photos, just click the “Jealous” button.

2. “Oversharing.” There definitely needs to be a button for this common Facebook infraction. Useful for status updates chronicling intimate relationship drama and even more intimate bodily functions.

3. “Love!” Why stop at “like”? Let’s bring some enthusiastic love into the Facebook button landscape.

4. “Dislike.” The obvious counterpart for the “like” button. It’s only fair.

5. “Why, for the love of God, why?!” There’s really no other reaction for those times when your friends post pictures of their children’s poop.

6. “That’s racist” and “That’s sexist.” See someone spouting racist or sexist garbage on your Facebook newsfeed? Click the corresponding button to call them out, then hit “unfriend.”

7. “Grammar police.” Maybe this could save all of us from those friends who are so eager to correct our minor typos and spelling errors? They hit the button, we correct our mistake, everyone moves on.

8. “Dick move.” A quick and easy way to call out passive aggressive status updates.

9. “I’m sorry, dude.” You know when your friend posts that they had a bad day or they’re really sick or something? You don’t want to like it, but you do want to show your support without committing to a comment thread. Use the “I’m sorry, dude” button instead.

10. “I disagree with your political views but I’m choosing not to post an inflammatory comment because that would be hurtful and futile.” This button would save thousands of relationships. Come on Facebook, now’s the time!

What other Facebook buttons would you like to see?