Accused Rapist Blames It On Four Loko

Rapists will pretty much use any excuse to avoid taking responsibility for their rapes, usually by blaming it on their victim. She was wearing a short skirt. She was passed out drunk. She had flirted with him. A-n-y-thing to avoid responsibility for his own actions. So I should not be surprised that an accused rapist in New York City is blaming his alleged sexual assault and physical attack on a 21-year-old woman on mind-erasing Four Loko drinks.

Four Lokos are alcoholic energy drinks charmingly referred to as a “blackout in a can”; New York State has taken the lead in regulating the boozy beverages.  In the past two years, there have been several incidents with college students getting schwasted on Four Lokos, most notably one time when a party full of people were hospitalized after ‘going Loko’ because cops mistakenly believed they had been roofied.

This is a convenient excuse for convicted sex offender Jonathan Stewart, who is accused of punching, choking and raping a 21-year-old actress in NYC’s Hudson River Park on September 22. When Stewart was approached by officiers after allegedly raping the victim, he told them, “Did I do something wrong, because I don’t remember because I had four Lokos. I don’t know what’s going on. I just woke up.”

Stewart also told his parole officer on a pay phone, “All I did was touch her breasts and make her take off her clothes.” All I did!

I guess Stewart is confident our society thinks that violence you commit when you are blindingly drunk just doesn’t count? Surely that must be why he told cops, according to The New York Daily News, that he had “drank five Four Lokos, Grey Goose vodkas, smoked marijuana and K2,” referring to a synethic type of pot.  He also claimed to be “schizophrenic” and “homeless,” which are also not Get Out Of Jail Free cards for choking, punching and raping someone.

Newspapers do not not confirm whether Stewart actually had any alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of his arrest. But that’s not really the point. The point is that this is a “Twinkie defense,” which is to say, BULLSHIT.

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