Toilet Phobia Is Real Thing, People

Don’t laugh. Twenty-year-old Ney Decino of Wales has a severe phobia of toilets, specifically the way they flush. She’s afraid of other things too, like all kinds of water and she crosses herself whenever she spends a penny, but the toilet thing is her most debilitating fear.

“I flush the loo and then run out of the bathroom unless someone is with me. I use the kitchen to wash my hands.The sound of the water sends shivers down my spine. It’s awful.I swear it will swallow me up. Once I’ve flushed, the sound of it and the look of the water going down, it freaks me out.”

Ney’s fear of toilets began at age 11 when she saw the movie “Look Who’s Talking Too” which features a scene with The Toilet Man. After that, she refused to use the bathroom at school, and once wet herself trying to hold it. Really, did it need to have fangs? And blue hair? I’ll admit, it’s freaking me out.

Poor Ney. I mean, no one is wild about toilets. Especially public toilets and all that they entail. GERMS! Hearing other people poop! But a fear of being swallowed by the toilet? That must really suck considering it’s impossible to avoid going to the bathroom. To help deal with her phobia, Ney started a support group on Facebook, Scared Of The Toilet Flush!!. It has 139 members to date. Hopefully, at least one of them will recommend Aversion Therapy to her. [Mirror UK]