Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: Someone Takes A Tumble On “Revenge,” Deb Is Still Confused On “Dexter” & Brody’s Being Watched On “Homeland”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 22, 2012

Soooo many developments on last night’s episodes of “Revenge,” “Dexter,” and “Homeland.” Let’s get to it, shall we? Recaps and clips, complete with spoilers, after the jump!

“Revenge.” Okay, before we got into who took a serious tumble on last night’s episode of “Revenge,” can we touch base on Nolan’s sexual orientation. Now, unless I missed something, I thought his dalliance with Tyler in season one made it clear that Nolan was gay. But in last night’s episode, he got all romantico with new assistant Padma. I, and multiple other “Revenge” fans I follow on Twitter, were mighty confused by this development. Was the show trying to pretend like Tyler was never gay? Someone replied to me on Twitter and said that Nolan was bisexual — which of course makes sense — except that bi characters (especially male bisexuals) are pretty damn rare on network TV. If Nolan being bi is the case and they plan on having his character continue to be attracted to both men and women, that’s fantastic. I’m just surprised that the show didn’t make his bi status more clear (again, unless I missed that episode), because I think it’s awesome that bisexual men are finally being represented on television. Anyway.

So, lesson learned from last night’s episode — previous learned via “Gone with the Wind” and every soap opera ever — heated arguments with pregnant women should never occur near balconies or steep flights of stairs. Poor Amanda, doing Emily’s dirty work again, took a tumble off the Grayson’s marble balcony, which means that she and little baby Porter are in big trubs. Her fall did bring Emily the results she wanted — her mother (played Jennifer Jason Leigh) coming out of the woodwork. But the craziest revelation from last night’s episode is that Mama Clark may not be such an innocent victim — did she really try to kill Amanda as a child? As things are never ever what they seem — and never ever what they don’t seem either — on “Revenge,” I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE.

“Dexter.” While it’s been super exciting to have Deb finally know that Dexter is a serial killer, and watching her wrestle with the implications, the plot twist has kind of put a damper on that other revelation from the end of last season — that she has a total boner for her brother. Because I am a weirdo, I loved this development so I’ve been a touch bummed to see her amorous feelings for Dex tempered by the realization that he’s not who she thought he was. Still, the undercurrent is still there, even as her priority is now coming to terms with his behavior, rather than her desire to plant one on him. Last night’s episode saw Deb contending with morbid fantasies of soaking in a bathtub of blood while Dexter looks on. The scene called to mind Rita’s death, of course, and whether Deb is destined for a similar fate — but it also hinted at the fact that she is faced with a choice by knowing who Dexter really is. Can she accept for who he is that thus be willingly culpable in his crimes? At the end of the episode, as Dexter showed Deb the smoke rising into the air as Speltzer’s body burned, and she declared that she felt good about his death, I felt like Deb was in for a very, very long road ahead.

“Homeland.” You guys, thanks to Showtime, I have access to episodes of “Dexter” and “Homeland” in advance of when they air, so I saw last night’s episode of “Homeland” over a week ago and have literally had my hands over my mouth because I have been dying to talk about it with someone, but knew I couldn’t. Now that I can finally let it out, humor me: HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD BRODY IS SO BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, how hot is the new dude that Carrie is forced to work with as they watch Brody’s every move? Secondly, I found myself cheering multiple times as Carrie was finally able to do what she does best, which is use her own real emotions to reel in and trap Brody. The look of suppressed glee on her face, just as she was about to call him on his lies in the hotel room, was pure genius. Claire Danes does “suppressed glee” just as well as she does “epic crumple cry face.” The question is, with Brody in cuffs, where does the show go now? Given that “Homeland” has centered around Carrie Mathison trying to catch Brody, how can the show continue since it appears he is caught. I cannot waaaaaaait to find out.

Oh, also, I am totally ‘shipping Dana Brody and Finn Walden.