Guy In The Wanted Makes Completely Unwanted Comments About Christina Aguilera

Perhaps you’ve heard of this little band of British moppets called The Wanted? They’re sort of like One Direction (or so I’ve been told), but less squeaky clean. And apparently, one way they’ve attempted to mold their bad boy image is by slagging off Christina Aguilera after meeting her at a taping of “The Voice.” This past April, the lads were doing an interview with Now FM and referred to her as a bitch. Member Tom Parker (he’s the one whose gaping maw is open so wide you can see his tonsils in the pic above) said,  “She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.” I’d argue that Xtina shouldn’t have to look at anybody she doesn’t want to — especially if they happen to be foul-mouthed British teens. And also? Does a woman have to pay attention to a dude just because he wants her to? (#rhetoricalquestion).

You don’t call Christina a bitch and get away with it, and the boys endured months of negative press from the incident. Eventually, The Wanted apologized, SORT OF: “I watched an interview with her on ‘Chelsea Lately’ the other night and she came across really, really nice so I was a bit like, ‘Oh shit!'” Parker told The Huffington Post last week. “Maybe she was she just having a bad day.” Parker then admitted that he was having a “bad day” at the time of the incident.

“Yeah, I was having a terrible day,” said Parker. “I was on my period … oh shoot, sorry I apologize!”

Hahahahah OMG that’s so hilarious, making a joke about being on your period! Because duh, everyone knows that women are horrible bleeding monsters when they’re on the rag. And you were acting just like a terrible woman when you called Christina a bitch. Yes Tom Parker, you were acting just like a shitty, menstrual jackal, you asshat.

Also period jokes, so incendiary (#unfunnyfeminist). [ONTD]