Woot! ABC Developing TV Show Based On “Dirty Girls”

Finally, proof that getting really drunk on wine and gabbing about the world’s most personal shit with your girlfriends is actually a productive way to spend your time! First, my friend (and occasional Frisky contributor) Gillian Telling wrote a book called Dirty Girls about just how grimy women can be, using anecdotes from her own life and the lives of her friends (including yours truly), and now it’s being developed into a half-hour comedy for ABC! According to Deadline Hollywood, “The single-camera half-hour revolves around a group of female friends who reveal the dirty truth about the secret lives of women.” Because I’m slightly self-obsessed, my second thought — after “Holy crap, go Gillian!” — was, Oh my god, there’s maybe going to be a character on TV based on meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fingers crossed “Dirty Girls” makes it all the way to the small screen, because, based on the book that inspired it and the hijinks therein, it’s bound to be hilarious.  [Deadline Hollywood]