Get Nailed With Miss Pop: DIY Halloween Nails In Black And White

Hands down Halloween is my fave holiday. Sure, I usually dress like a freak from another universe on any given day, but I like when I get to blend in on October 31st. I’ve already been heavily preparing my costume by eating my way through two bags of candy this week. This year, I’m going to fill out my costume with some extra booty— or as I’ve taken to calling it, flava boom. Although I can’t decide what to be: an Olympic synchronized swimmer or Dolly Parton, again.

But really, the most important part of getting ready for Halloween is my nails. Obvi. Last year’s nails were all about camp— sugar skills, green Frankenstiens, Scooby Doo styled googley eyes. But this year I wanted to go all ominous with black and white shadows. If you’re not digging the starkness, I bet this look would be cool with other color combos: like yellow and purple or orange and navy.

To get this look I used:

  • Nails Inc. Black Taxi
  • Nails Inc. Floral Street
  • A black nail art striper like the Art Club Duo