Style 911: “This Chambray Shirt Is Too Big!”

“I just received a Gap chambray shirt that I ordered from Ebay … but what I thought was their modern-cut, form-fitting top was more of a ’90s style, over-sized shirt. I see women wearing looser chambray shirts tucked into tight miniskirts … but I’m 5’0″ and a size 12. I don’t think that look would flatter me. How else can I style this top? I’ve attached a picture for reference.” — Jackie

Oh Jackie, my closet is a veritable treasure chest of misbegotten eBay items — things that are too big or too small, and just totally unwearable. Good on you for trying to make something out of a shirt you didn’t want. Thankfully, that oversized ’90s-style chambray top will actually work with a lot of stuff. The key, though, is balance. You’ve got to balance the oversized, flowiness of it with something more tight-fitting and sleek. Don’t try and hide the oversized-ness of the shirt! Play it up!

Via Spiga Brushed Luxe Tights, $12.95
Coldwater Creek Embossed Skinny Yellow Belt, $14.99
Forever 21 Scoop Back Bodycon Dress, $12.50
Arturo Chiang Viana Motorcycle Boot, $59.99

To get the look, you’ll want to wear a tight dres or long shirt and leggings with the chambray shirt on top. You’ll then wear the belt around your waist and over the top. Kind of like this:

And voila!