Share Your Spookiest Ghost Story!

With Halloween around the corner it’s it’s time to get down to business — the scaring business. We want your first-hand encounters with the spooky kind — your ghostliest tales from the great beyond. Need an example? Try Ami’s on for size…

One time I did the Ouija Board with some friends in college. My hands were on the marker. And it was moving so furiously in circles. It was scary. My friend took his hands off and I lifted my fingers off so they were barely touching it and it started to move even faster around the board in figure 8s. I felt it. It was just me. The marker spelled out that it was “your baby xoxo.” Freaky.

And also, this happened:

Right before my friend’s mother died, I had a dream where she called me on the phone and told me she knew secrets about my dead grandmother. The next day she went into a coma and died later that week. Very creepy.

And also, this! (Geez Ami, you have a lot of freaky things happen to you!)

When I was 8 I went to a water park and even though she asked me not to, I wore my mom’s her high school ring. Of course, it slipped off when I went down a water slide. I was crying, looking around for the ring. Just for a visual, the water park was huge and there were thousands of people there. There were at least 10 different slides and a giant wave pool. After about an hour, someone appeared out of nowhere, handed me my ring without saying anything and walked away. Of course, I cannot confirm, but I’ve always had the feeling this was not a real person. It was just so improbable.

So now it’s your turn! Tell us the creepiest, spookiest encounters with the other side in the comments!