Hump Day Hottie: Sam Palladio From “Nashville”

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Oh, hello there, handsome. Playing a little love song on that gui-tar, are ya? Is it about me? Guess not. Sigh.

Meet Sam Palladio, your new country ballad-singin’ crush. Actually, he just plays a country ballad singer on TV, as Gunnar Scott on our new favorite show “Nashville.” But get this — the actor, who previously appeared on “Episodes,” is actually British. That panty-droppin’ country twang is actually fake. What isn’t fake is his ability to sing a tune. In the series premiere of “Nashville,” Sam played the guitar and sang (along with Claire Bowen) the Civil Wars’ gorgeous song “If I Didn’t Know Better.” Watch it after the jump — and then click through a few more photos of the dashing and dreamy Sam above!