A Well-Deserved Medal For Kicking Cancer’s Ass

Boing Boing co-editor Xeni Jardin was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and started treatment–a brutal trifecta of chemo, surgery, and radiation–in January. When she finally finished, her friend Michael mentioned that she deserved a medal for her accomplishment. And then he made her one, complete with an inscription declaring her the winner of the “Poison, Cut, Burn Tri.” Jardin was thrilled: “I want to give one to everyone I meet who makes it through to a similarly meaningful milestone in their cancer treatment,” she says. “This is so much better than a pink ribbon.”

Know someone who is battling cancer who would appreciate a similar award? Michael posted the details on his website. Turns out they cost less than 20 bucks and take about 5 minutes to order. “It’s a really cool way to recognize what can be a confusing, ambiguous, strangely depressing milestone,” says Jardin.

“If you know someone that deserves a medal, there’s no reason not to give them one,” adds Michael, and we couldn’t agree more. [Boing Boing]