13 Other Things We Want Tina Fey And Amy Poehler To Co-Host

Hallelujah praise the lord! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have been tapped to co-host the Golden Globes! We were so excited to hear this news that we couldn’t help but ponder all the other things we’d love to have them cohost, from reality shows to awkward family gatherings. Read on to check out our Tina/Amy hosting wishlist, and please add your own in the comments…

1. Thanksgiving dinner. Political arguments and guilt trips from your great aunt won’t even matter when Tina and Amy are cracking jokes and serving you more mashed potatoes.

2. Every beauty pageant ever. This staid tradition could use a dose of sassy feminist comedy, don’t you think?

3. “The Bachelor.” Tina yelling “Dealbreaker!” during the rose ceremony would be awesome.

4. Transatlantic flights. Who needs crappy in-flight movies when you’ve got two brilliant comedians to entertain you? We’d love to see them work their improv magic on the oxygen mask demonstration.

5. Bad dates. Usually to get through a bad date we just grit our teeth and load up on complimentary bread. Having Amy and Tina facilitating the process would be much more fun.

6. Therapy sessions. “Tell us more about that.”

7. Sexual encounters. Is it weird that we totally want two comedians emceeing our adventures in the bedroom? No? Good.

8. “The Amazing Race.” A world tour with Tina and Amy? Life dream status.

9. Giving birth. Here’s who we want in the delivery room with us: our doctor, our partner, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. After all, they’re both moms–they could give us some great advice.

10. Prom. Proms are generally emceed by awful DJs who make terrible jokes in between Usher songs. Let’s give Amy and Tina the mike instead.

11. The presidential debates. We’d love to see Tina asking questions, “Bitches get stuff done”-style, while Amy yells “Don’t tell me what to do!” whenever a candidate dares tread on a woman’s reproductive rights.

12. The 2011 Academy Awards. Could we please master time travel technology if only to send Amy and Tina back to replace Anne Hathaway and James Franco?

13. A video series on The Frisky. Hey, we can dream. Tina, Amy–give us a call! You can co-host the next episode of What We Missed!