Angelina Jolie On Malala Yousafzai, 14-Year-Old Girl Shot By Taliban

  • Angelina Jolie has written a piece for The Daily Beast about Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old girls’ education activist in Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban, and how she discussed it with her children. Angie actually makes a good case for using Malala’s story as a teachable moment to discuss with your kids what a privilege it is to have an education.  [The Daily Beast]
  • CNN’s Candy Crowley is moderating the presidential debate tonight … so cue Rush Limbaugh saying something sexist. [Media Matters]
  •’s Irin Carmon on how ballot measures like “fetal personhood amendments” are actually not a very successful way for anti-abortion activists to legislate against reproductive rights. []
  • Rogue Internet group Anonymous has outed the man who harassed Canadian teen Amanda Todd with a topless photo of herself, which led to her committing suicide. [Jezebel]
  • More on how hospitals are ditching free samples of formula to help promote breastfeeding. [New York Times]
  • Meet Fran Fisher, a former nun who left the sisterhood and became a sex therapist. She is now blowing the lid off the sexual repression and abuse within the Catholic faith which she said has caused girls like herself to go into the nunnery to escape their fear of sex. [Raw Story]
  • Happy Ada Lovelace Day — and if you don’t know who Ada Lovelace is, now would be a good time to look her up. [Finding Ada]
  • New depressing/awesome Tumblr calling out mansplaining: Academic Men Explain Things To Me.
  • Actress Rosie Perez sounds off on Mitt Romney’s dopey comment that “it would be helpful [in this election] to be Latino.” It’s pretty damn funny. [Racialicious]
  • How is India grappling with all the attention on a series of rapes of young teens and girls? [New York Times]
  • Dania Suarez, the woman at the center of the Secret Service’s prostitution scandal in Colombia, is writing a memoir. []
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