Miami University Of Ohio Flyer Offers “10 Ways To Get Away With Rape”

A flier found in a men’s bathroom at a coed dorm at Ohio’s Miami University (Paul Ryan’s alma mater) offers men 10 tips on how to get away with rape (full list is pictured after the jump). But is it a real tip list, or a satire on rape culture?

The list. which was found in the university’s McBride Hall, includes such outlandish advice as “practice makes perfect, the more you rape, the better you get at it” and “if your [sic] afraid the girl will identify you, slit her throat.” And while the list has a sarcastic tone to it, female students are taking the threat seriously.

“If I wasn’t involved with WAVE [Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault] I wouldn’t have known about this incident,” said  junior Kate Van Fossen. “The university is brushing this issue … under the rug. “It could have been a joke, but the fact of the matter is that those thoughts are crossing someone’s mind. There are girls living in a hall where someone came up with that. It’s just disturbing.”

Whatever the intent, Miami University officials are taking action. They are holding a mandatory meeting for all male students in McBride Hall.

So what’s your take? Is this a or a sarcastic comment on rape culture, or a real guide to getting away with rape?