Kim Kardashian Wears Yet Another Sheer, Uncomfortable Looking Outfit

I know she’s beautiful and rich, but there is seriously not a day that goes by where I don’t wake up extremely grateful not to be Kim Kardashian. This woman spends the vast majority of her time parading around in outfits that quite literally make my body hurt just looking at them. So tight! Can she breathe?! Heels so high! How do her feet stand it day in, day out?! I can barely take the pain of my skinny jeans fresh out of the dryer. I go barefoot at the office, that’s how much I hate shoes. The second I get home, I put on pajamas. How does Kim stand dressing up in such complicated getups every single day? I feel like sometimes they’re so tight, she must vacuum pack her internal organs. Who is she doing this for? Not me! Seriously, Kim, take a day off. Don some baggy jeans, a T, and a pair of flats and breathe and walk normal like the rest of us bipeds. (P.S. Also, I can see your butt.) [Photos: Pacific Coast News]