Beauty Test Drive: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

Ever since I got in on the bold lipstick game, I’ve been on the hunt for the most pigmented, longest-lasting color around. It’s fairly safe to say that I’ve tried at least half of the formulas on the market (or at least that you can buy at Sephora, where I am basically the resident squatter), and while I’ve found some that I really love, it’s usually for their moisturizing qualities, ease of use, and, um, attractiveness of the package in my hand, never the bright, true color and lasting power that I initially set out for. Lip Tar, a 100% vegan and cruelty-free product by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, is unlike anything I’ve ever tried, and it seriously delivers.

Price/Availability: $16 for a 0.33 oz tube. You can purchase them directly from OCC here or from Sephora, both online and in stores. From both sources, each Lip Tar comes with a mini precision lip brush.

Packaging: Unlike a tradition lipstick, Lip Tar comes packaged in a small squeeze tube. You only need a tiny bead of color for an application, so they last forever despite their small size.

Formula: Lip Tar consists of castor seed oil, hemp oil, peppermint oil, vitamin E, and precious little other ingredients, so it’s very safe and very natural. This is a unique and concentrated formula that needs to be applied with care. It’s really easy if you’re used to the method but you do need a lip brush to apply it ― putting this stuff on straight out of the tube would be a mess. It really sticks, and it will stain your fingertips or anything you get it on. When I first got these I swatched the color liberally on the back of my hand and it was seriously difficult to get off completely, so you have been warned. It goes on slick and moist, then dries down within minutes to a semi-matte, stain-like finish that isn’t at all drying. It’s just a layer of color on your lips ― if not for the insanely rich pigment, you wouldn’t know you had anything on at all.

Wear Time: This formula lasts untouched through excessive eating, drinking, and smoking. (What? It’s a test drive!) I even fell asleep with it on and it was intact the next morning. This is amazing for someone like me, who likes to put on a crazy bright lipstick and then promptly forget it’s there and not have to worry about maintenance, but it could be less of an upside for someone who, well, wants to take their lipstick off. It definitely requires a bit of elbow grease to be fully removed, but if bold, opaque, long-lasting color is what you’re looking for, then it’s completely worth it.

Overall: Whether or not you love Lip Tar depends entirely upon what kind of person you are and how you like to wear your lipstick. If you prefer sheer, moisturizing color that you can swipe on out of the tube, this definitely isn’t for you, but for anyone looking for really pigmented, really long-lasting color, then I don’t think Lip Tar can be beat. It comes in, like, every imaginable shade of the rainbow and then some, even colors that you would never think to put on your lips. Once you get accustomed to using a brush to apply it, then it’s a no-brainer. It comes with a mini brush, but I carry around the Sephora Collection Pro Lip Brush #81 because the snap closure on the cap means it’ll never go astray in your bag. The price is great, and the pepperminty smell is, too. I had my doubts about Lip Tar, but now I know what all the fuss is about. I’m a convert!