What We Missed: The Frisky Staffs Talks About Two Great Documentaries & Wonders How Tim Riggins Would Vote

On this week’s episode of “What We Missed,” I totally bite it! So clutzy. Also, Ami and Jessica were both super pumped about a new documentary they saw called “Girl Model,” which takes a disturbing look at how model scouts go to small Eastern European villages and scout girls as young as 12 and 13, sending them to places like Japan to work.

Clearly the staff was on a documentary kick this week, because Julie was excited to talk about PBS’s “Half the Sky” series, based on the book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The series travels to areas in the world where gender oppression, in the form of sex trafficking, maternal mortality, and gender-based violence, is a major threat to women and introduces the viewer to the inspiring people who are devoted to changing things for the better.

Lastly, on a much lighter note, I wanted to talk about Mitt Romney’s slight tweaking of “Friday Night Lights”‘ catchphrase — “clear eyes, full hearts, America can’t lose” — as his unofficial campaign slogan, and join NYMag.com in theorizing how the citizens of Dillon, Texas would vote in the Presidential election. (I know, like Tim Riggins’ hot drunk ass could make it to the voting booth.) Anyway, watch this week’s episode above and please weigh in with your thoughts on these stories in the comments!