This Woman Lost All Four Limbs Because Of Shady “Butt Injections”

This picture you see before you is Apryl Michelle Brown, who lost all four of her limbs from infections caused by unlicensed butt injections she received from a “pumper.”  “Pumpers” — who sometimes claim to be doctors — take advantage of oftentimes low-income women who are looking for cheaper plastic surgery by pumping their posteriors with materials which they claim are similar to what you’d get in a plastic surgeon’s office for a fraction of the price. In reality, “pumpers” use Krazy Glue, sealant and cement and have sent numerous customers to the hospitals.

In a new piece in the November issue of Essence, Brown tells the story of how, in 2004, she paid a “pumper” to inject industrial-grade silicone into her ass in the hopes that she’d get a bigger booty. And she did for just two years. But then the silicone hardened, her skin blackened, and she had to have her limbs amputated to save her life. Now she has four prosthetics to move around. It’s a frightening story, but one that’s repeating itself all too commonly over the years with the increased pressure of women to have a curvy booty. I can’t wait to read the whole piece. [Essence Magazine]