Ireland’s First Abortion Provider Opens Next Week

  • A Marie Stopes International women’s reproductive health care clinic — sort of the Planned Parenthood across-the-pond — is opening next week in Belfast, Ireland. The clinic will be the first-ever in Ireland to provide abortions, which are illegal except to save the woman’s life or preserve her health.  [Feministing]
  • Female Marine vets describe an absolutely brutal culture of sexist name calling and sexual harassment. I would love to have our Frisky readers who are in/have been in the armed services weigh in. [Star And Stripes]
  • Are American women better off than we were four years ago? Journal E.J. Graff investigates. [American Prospect]
  • Nuns look back on the cultural changes created by Vatican II. [NPR]
  • A female creative director describes what it’s like working for sexist clients. [Business Insider]
  • In honor of the International Day of the Girl, CNN asked 15 women to give advice to their 15-year-old selves. (Thanks to commenter @MrRellim for the link.) [CNN]
  • A woman in Hong Kong has died and three more have been hospitalized from septic shock caused by a “beauty treatment” that involved blood transfusions. The price of beauty, indeed. [Examiner]
  • Meet China’s Leftover” women — the unmarried women over age 27 who are freaking everyone out because they’re not making babies.  (Oopsies, that’s the whole Frisky staff, minus Rachel, who is a fetus.) [New York Times]
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