Halloween Costume Inspiration: Jayne Mansfield

First there was Marilyn, and then there was Jayne. Busty, (bottle) blonde, and ribald, Mansfield became known as the “Working Man’s Monroe” for both her physical likeness to Norma Jeane and her own brand of salacious, exaggeratedly sexual appeal. “Hollywood’s smartest dumb blonde” had a genius IQ and was fluent in five languages, but she knew full well that the public didn’t care about her brains; rather, they were far more interested in her 40-21-35 dimensions.

A pledged member ― the High Priestess, in fact ― of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, it was rumored that Jayne sold her soul for fame and fortune and suffered the consequences: a grisly car accident death that saw the stunning young actress and American sex symbol nearly decapitated, while her three children under the age of 5, including her now-famous daughter, Mariska Hargitay, looked on from the backseat. Beautiful, brilliant, bizarre: Mansfield lives on as one of the most fascinating pop figures of the last century. Whatever you do, don’t forget a touch of pink.

1. Lipstick in Lady Danger, $15 [MAC]
2. Film Star Stole in Faux Fox Fur, $43.98 [ASOS]
3. Midi Body-Conscious Dress With Seam Detail, $35.18 [ASOS]
4. Soft Vintage Leather Elbow Gloves, $33.99 [Virtual Village]
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