“Donkey Love” Is The Bestiality Documentary You Never Wanted To See

I just watched the trailer for “Donkey Love,” a documentary about remote parts of Colombia where the deep, dark secret is that lots of men have sex with donkeys.  Then I watched three more times in a row just to make sure I was understanding it correctly. Julie is of the opinion that this film is a hoax as evidenced by how flippant filmmaker, Daryl Stoneage, comes off in the trailer. He’s does have a real, “Hey bro, let me watch while you abuse your animals and laugh about it,” kind of a vibe. Um, why is he laughing? But I’d have to see the entire film to more of a sense of its veracity.

Assuming for the moment that this film is real, the most disturbing moment of the trailer for me was when a man featured in the film says, “I don’t have to buy her clothes. I don’t have to buy her shoes.”  Meaning … having a donkey is cheaper than having a girlfriend or a wife? WHAT? I’m getting ahead of myself here. I am just having trouble wrapping my head around this film.

And so is the theater hosting this year’s Okanagan Film Festival International, slated to start today. When Landmark Cinemas, the company that was set to host the festival, caught wind of the topic of this film they pulled out of the event, refusing to host a “film of that nature.” The festival is currently in search of a new venue.

Thoughts? I know you have some. Is this real? If so, what do you think of it? And finally, was it right for the theater to refuse to screen it?

[Donkey Love]