Do Your Part For Humanity And Take Maxim’s Sex Survey!

  • Attention ladies! Chances are someone in your life, possibly even someone you love or like or at the very least want to have sex with reads Maxim magazine. Which is why it behooves you to participate in their 2012 Sex Survey, as the information tallied will be disseminated to their legion of impressionable and sexually active readers. So do us all a solid and answer their survey, okay? I’m doing mine just as soon as I’m done writing this sentence. [Maxim]
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  • Elizabeth Taylor, that minx, apparently slept with Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, which means she maybe bedded more presidents than Marilyn Monroe? [Newser]
  • It kind of boggles my mind that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are still in touch. Don’t they both want to forget the Bennifer days? I sure do. [The Stir]
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