Be My Boyfriend: Guy Whose Beautiful Mullet Got Him Kicked Out Of Bar

Oh Australia, what were you thinking? A bar in Perth in the Land of the Criminals kicked a guy out for having a mullet haircut. A bouncer at Print Hall’s rooftop bar told mullet-wearer David Hoogland that “his kind” wasn’t welcome at the establishment — and it’s all because of his business in the front, party in the back haircut. Hoogland says he was asked leave because of his hair.

“I’m not in a gang, I don’t have tattoos all over me, I’m just an everyday person,” said Hoogland. “I agree if you’re being rowdy, out of control, drunk or abusive then you should be kicked out but if you’re just sitting down having a chat and a quiet social drink, I think that’s pretty rude.”

But oh, how could he know the powerful sway of the mullet? Perhaps the bar’s manager was simply worried that Hoogland’s mullet would intimidate other customers? We may never know: the bar insists that it welcomes “anyone with a positive attitude looking to have fun.” Don’t worry David, they’re just jealous of your flowing locks. [The West Australian]