Watch Australians Dance In A Pro-Choice Flash Mob!

I love any time activism is infused with joy. That’s why I’m loving these Australians who held a pro-choice flash mob where they all danced on the streets of Melbourne to Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.”  These Aussies — both women and men, old and young — woreT-shirts reading “Abortion: a fact of life” as part of Reproductive Choice Australia’s End The Stigma campaign. It’s an attention-getting stunt that’s moving without being in your face.

After the jump, you’ll also want to watch ethicist Leslie Cannold in her TEDxCanberra 2012 talk, “I Had An Abortion … Or Maybe I Didn’t.”

In her TED talk, Cannold asks why abortion is still shrouded in stigma when one in three women  (British, American or Australian) will have an abortion in her lifetime.

It’s 18 minutes long, but absolutely worth watching if you’re struggling with shame over your own abortion — or consumed with the idea that women who terminate their pregnancies should be ashamed.

[YouTube: Reproductive Choice AU]
[TEDxCanberra: Leslie Cannold]

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