Elizabeth Banks Producing Feminist Sitcom About Women’s Studies Professor & Playboy Bunnies

  • Oh squee of squees! Elizabeth Banks from “Wet Hot American Summer” and “30 Rock” is producing a sitcom for CBS about “the culture clash as a feminist professor rooms with Playboy Bunnies and they all struggle for their own sort of empowerment.” I’m over Playboy Bunnies as a pop cultural discussion point for feminism. But whatever! I guess I’ll have to take my feminism on mainstream TV where I can get it.  [Perez Hilton]
  • The man who raped a 73-year-old woman in Central Park last month also sexually assaulted two other women on the day of the attack before he was arrested. He had also sexually assaulted two elderly women in the past. Hmm, here’s an idea: don’t let rapists out of jail.  [NYMag.com]
  • A brief history of Mitt Romney flip-flopping about abortion, based on his recent comments that messing with abortion rights is not on his agenda. It’s also probably worth reading his “Pro-Life Pledge” on the National Review website, too.  [Jezebel, National Review]
  • Want to do something that will really do good during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (instead of lining the pink-washed pockets of some big corporation)? Donate a mammogram. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Everything you want to know about “queer rap,” including why you shouldn’t call it “queer rap.” [The Daily Swarm]
  • Violence against women is spreading in the African country of Mali, the United Nation has warned. [Think Progress]
  • France is in a-tizzy over a trial regarding the gang rape of two teenage girls who live in the outskirts of Paris. [Guardian UK]
  • Toronto Women’s Bookstore is closing after 39 years. [Toronto Star]
  • In Canada, a new book of photographs depicts women’s bodies after mastectomies. (Thanks to commenter MrRellim for the link.) [Calgary Herald]
  • Female stage directors are narrowing the gender gap in the UK theater scene. [New York Times]
  • Why do so many college parties in the UK have names like “Geeks and Sluts” and “CEOs and Corporate Hoes”?  [Guardian UK]
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