10 Good Guys Who Are Major-League Jerks

Sometimes good guys are actually “good” guys. They treat people well, they help old ladies across the street, their good intentions are matched by their positive (not necessarily chipper or anything, but at leastnice) personality.

And sometimes good guys are just jerks.

I think of them as the anti-Han Solo. Until he shows up at the end of “A New Hope” to save Luke’s bacon, Han was a morally ambiguous guy who helped Luke & co. for money. Up to that point, he hadn’t yet attained his good guy status—but you knew he would. He was a smuggler with a heart of gold, and despite initially appearing callous and opportunistic, there was no doubt he’d eventually come through.

The ten people on this list—well, five people, one group, two witches, one mermaid, and one rabbit—are always firmly on the “protagonist” side of their respective source material, but personality-wise, they can be major jerks. Sometimes it’s intentional (Sherlock), sometimes it’s not (Ferris Bueller). Sometimes it makes them better as characters (the “Inception” team), sometimes it doesn’t (Glinda the Good Witch).

Regardless, they’re not your typical protagonists. As morally good as they may be … if you knew them, you would hate them. Read more…