Love It Or Leave It: Elle Fanning’s Print-Happy Maxi Dress

I was all about Hot Topic and graphic Ts when I was Elle Fanning’s age, which is plenty embarrassing enough without someone like Elle running around looking consistently on point. Her sartorial sense is impressive at any age, but the fact that she’s so well-dressed at 14 is frankly kind of mind-blowing. Yes, I would do terrible things to push my way into her closet (and, ohmygod, all the better if she shares one with Dakota), but I’d still think twice before I went for this maxi dress. The shape and silhouette are undoubtedly gorgeous, but the effect of the polka dots and vintage-y floral print together is, shall we say, A Lot Of Look. I love the ’70s Michelle Phillips vibe, and Elle’s mermaid hair and fresh-faced makeup are perfect — I think she definitely made the best of this slightly busy look, but do you love it?