Heather Clem: Meet Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Co-Star!

  • Heather Clem is now famous for being Hulk Hogan’s lover in his sex tape. She is also his best friend’s ex-wife. But what else is there to know about her? Surely you are just as curious as I am about someone who would submit to sex on tape with Hulk Hogan. [The Stir]

  • Nicole Kidman tells the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar that husband Keith Urban “opened me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sorts of things.” Although, I imagine anything in the sack seems adventurous after being married to Tom Cruise. I kid! Sorta. [Newser]
  • Facebook is apparently adding a “WANT” button to go along with its ubiquitous “LIKE” button, but I am still waiting for “MEH” and “GIRL BONER” buttons, which seem far more important. [The Mary Sue]
  • Today in “Old People Are Adorable” news, an elderly British couple grew accidentally grew a rather large marijuana plant in their backyard. Oops! [Newser]
  • For the record, the piece at the link — “How Red Wine Ruined My Relationship” — is not the name of my future autobiography. [Your Tango]
  • And in Halloween-centric news, here are 15 old wives tales, superstitions and urban legends people really believe. [TruTV]
  • I didn’t need reminding, but here are 17 reasons Honey Boo Boo is better than all of us. [College Candy]
  • “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” couples — where are they now? Hint: if you guess “broken up,” you have a 80 percent chance of being right. [Tres Sugar]
  • Why would Russell Brand celebrate his 10 years of sobriety anniversary with ex-wife Katy Perry’s parents? Confused. [Celeb Dirty Laundry]