According To “Playboy,” The Best Colleges To Get Laid Are…

Playboy collected anecdotes, and tallied and rated colleges to see where the most partying is going on. Their method was to take the top 100 colleges in the US and measure them in the categories of sex, sports and nightlife. I’ve made no secret about the fact that I have no interest in sports and I’m too old for nightlife (I can barely make it up past 1 a.m. anymore). So that leaves sex. Let’s talk about which schools ranked as the best places to get laid. Ahem, my alma mater, NYU, ranks near the top of the heap. Go Violets! Mom and Dad, stop reading now.

I don’t know what NYU is like nowadays, but back when I was a youngin’, it was pretty easy to get just about anyone into my dorm as long as he had a valid ID. Fake IDs counted as valid back then, too. (Ah, the pre-Giuliani days, when drug dealers, strippers and underage drinkers ran rampant in the city.) In addition to the co-ed dorm situation, I could bring just about any dude into my dorm room without hassle. Not to mention that I lived smack in the middle of the Village so I could spend the night anywhere I wanted if you’re catching my drift. Also, I should note that I found NYU’s student body to be very openminded and experimental. I was in the theater program, dammit! I spent 10 hours a day rolling around on the floor and pretending to be a tiger. OK, that’s enough.

Check out the sexy college leader board below:

1. University of North Carolina The Tar Heel women take top honors because they’re plentiful, beautiful and progressive according to Playboy.

2. New York University

3. Georgetown University


5. Yale University

 6. Syracuse University

And the very worst school to get laid is …

1. Colorado School Of Mines

Poor them. Maybe Dan Savage needs to pay them a visit.

Do you go to any of these schools? What’s your verdict? Is there any truth to Playboy’s assessment.