Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: “Dexter” Sets The Stage, “Homeland” Puts Us On Edge & “Revenge” Comes From Back The Dead

Sunday night is basically heaven for TV fans, with “Homeland,” “Dexter,” and “Revenge” having just returned with their new seasons. Each Monday, I’ll post a clip or two from each show, recapping the juiciest bits. If you haven’t watched, be aware that spoilers abound!

           “Revenge.” Nothing is ever as it seems on “Revenge.” Last week, we found out that, shocker of shockers, Victoria isn’t dead. And she’s also still lying. Though she had said that she faked her death with the help of the government in exchange for testifying against Conrad, and that all she wanted was to leave town with her daughter Charlotte, that is revealed as total BS when Conrad strips Charlotte of her inheritance. Without her daughter’s money, Victoria is totally over blowing that popsicle stand. Instead, she calls up Conrad, who doesn’t appear to be too surprised that his wife managed to survive a plane crash. He meets her at her stowaway house and she convinces him to beat the crap out of her in order to pull of an elaborate “kidnapping” story because, duh, saying she faked her death would probably not endear her to her fellow Hamptons socialites. Emily, who is seriously off her game so far this season, now has her old enemy to contend with.

           “Dexter.” Well, the truth is out. Deb now knows that her brother Dexter is a serial killer. As you might expect of a cop, Deb is not really vibing with Dexter’s whole “I kill people who deserve it” code of conduct. She says he has to stop killing or she’ll turn him into police. In order to make sure he follows this new code, she forced her brother to move in with her so she can keep an eye on him. Dexter, meanwhile, has an annoying foe to contend with — that annoying intern who’s dating Harrison’s babysitter? He’s intent on making Dexter suffer for insulting his videogame idea. Dexter would really, really like to kill him, but how can he, with Deb watching? Also, the department tries to find the body of an alleged victim, with the help of the incarcerated killer who says she was one of his victims. Turns out, dude just wanted an opportunity to get outside so he could kill himself by throwing himself in front of a Mack truck. Bloody!

Side note: Can we discuss how thin Quinn has gotten? I know they go heavy on the spray tan to give everyone that Miami glow, but dude looks WEATHERED.

           “Homeland.” I actually watched the second episode of “Homeland” two weeks ago and have been sitting with my hands over my mouth, desperately wanting to discuss it with someone but knowing that I shouldn’t spoil it either. Well, finally I can blab. Saul knows! He knows something! On last night’s episode, the plan to take out Abu Nazir failed because the Vice President let Brody be in the room as he and his staff were watching the mission go down live. Brody, in what was easily the most ridiculous if dramatic moment in the show ever, was able to get a message to Abu Nazir just in time. The good news is that Carrie’s belief in her source was affirmed, but not wanting to let the mission to be a total failure, she dashed off on her own to recover as much paperwork from the source’s home as possible, narrowly escaping capture and probable death.

Saul, meanwhile, finds that all of the paperwork Carrie gathered is useless — what’s not useless is an SD card he finds sewn inside a bag she also took from the source’s home. On the SD card? Brody’s video message,  the one he made for viewing after his suicide bombing attack. The look on Saul’s face signals Carrie’s vindication is ahead. So. Fucking. Excited.