Philadelphians Wear More Sweats Than Any Other City

In between staging riots on behalf of the Eagles and perfecting lager and cheesesteaks, the city of Philadelphia found the time to accomplish something truly exceptional. According to a new study, Philadelphia wears more sweatsuits than any other city in the country. That’s more sweatsuits than Lafayette, Louisiana; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Hartford, Connecticut; and Laredo, Texas — the four cities that came in behind Philly.

The Experian study measured the average number of sweat items purchased per citizen in each city to come up with the results. But Philadelphians, don’t despair at coming up number one when it comes to clothes with elastic bands. “There’s no shame in wearing sweats, I don’t think. I think there are probably plenty of fashionable sweat options that are out there,” says John Fetto, who conducted the study and is clearly in denial.

He also noted that perhaps Philadelphia came out on top because “maybe people wear sweats because they’re more physically active and have more activities.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. [CBS Local]