Mila Kunis Will Never Work In This Town Again!

Mila Kunis: My career was threatened over me not wanting to do the cover of a magazine.

Esquire: By who?

MK: By an executive. Oh, that’s not even true. A person higher than an executive. It was like, If you don’t do this magazine, you’ll never work in this company. I went, “Great.” It was the first time that I had someone on the phone tell me that I will never work in this industry again.

Esquire: Did you laugh?

MK: I said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Esquire: Which magazine?

MK: It wasn’t Playboy, but it was a magazine I didn’t want to do. It’s very simple. I just didn’t want to do it. I said I would do that one and that one, just not this one. And this person couldn’t accept no.

– Mila Kunis, my imaginary best girl friend, is Esquire magazine’s 2012 “Sexiest Woman Alive” … and spends the interview ranting (sorry, but that’s the verb for it) about douchenozzles in the entertainment industry, Republicans, and the political street art she’s done that could get her arrested. She comes across as genuine, intelligent, and way too good for Ashton Kutcher. And she reveals that the movie she got into this magazine-cover dispute over was 2008’s “Max Payne,” so somebody figure out who the jerk is? [Esquire]