Get Nailed With Miss Pop: Breakfast Of Champions Nails

Here in New York City, we take our brunch seriously. My girls and I like to get together and do it up! My best dish is grits … my only dish is grits. But that as a nail design would probably look more like the back of my thighs than delicious creamy polenta. So, I went for the classics— a donut, bacon, eggs, and a fork to shovel it all in your pie hole.

For this look, I used:

Donut: Essie Case Study, Hard to Get, Fiesta and Glamour Purse, Nails Inc. Carnaby Street and Floral Street

Bacon: I hand mixed a combination of: Essie Wicked, Brown Dress and Glamour Purse plus a touch of Nails Inc. Carnaby Street, The table cloth and plate are Nails Inc. Floral Street, Essie A List and Russian Red

Eggs: Essie Action and Nails Inc. Carnarby Street, Floral Street, Black Taxi

Fork: Nails Inc Floral Street, Orly Instant Artist Nail Art striper in Silver and a black Art Club Duo