This Must Stop: There Is A Vest That Hugs You When You Get Facebook “Likes”

Some geniuses at MIT have given the world something we didn’t know we needed and really, really don’t want — a vest that hugs you every time one of your Facebook posts gets “liked.” I am cringing with my entire body right now. The Like-A-Hug vest, from Melissa Chow, Andy Payne, and Phil Seaton at the MIT Media Lab, inflates every time a post receives approval. If you’d like to offer your heartfelt digital feelings back, a second squeeze will send a similar “like” to a friend. The vest is supposed to act as a proxy link to the real world, and I could see it having really positive effects on say, someone with autism. (Some people with autism like the feeling of being squeezed, but don’t actually like being touched by other people. See also: Temple Grandin.) But I think I’ll pass. [CNet]