Consider Your Bachelor Party A Fail If A Stripper Ruptures Your Bladder

I still don’t understand why bachelor/bachelorette parties need to involve strippers. Can’t everyone just go make pottery or something? Whatever. I guess that’s none of my concern. Here’s a story that will make you think twice about celebrating your last days of singledom with strippers. Back in November of 2012 2010, Philadelphia groom-to-be, Patrick Gallagher, was expecting a grand ol’ time when he purchased the “Bachelor’s Package” at a local strip club. The special bachelor treatment included him joining strippers onstage for a special show. That’s when things went very wrong.

While prostrate on his back beneath the pole, one stripper climbed up to the top and “from a great height she launched herself down onto his abdomen” causing his bladder to rupture. He was admitted to a hospital for for internal bleeding and other injuries. Gallagher is suing the club for negligence to the tune of $50,000.

Launching yourself on a person from a great height sounds incredibly dangerous. Filing under moves strippers should never attempt. [Huffington Post]