5 Helpful Little Travel Beauty And Makeup Tips

I like to travel a lot, and spend all of my discretionary income (the part not allocated to sandwiches) on trips abroad. As such, I’ve figured out a few helpful beauty and makeup tips and picked up a couple of awesome accessories along the way. Click through for a few simple ways to save time, money and — most importantly — space in your carry on.

Face: Make you and your skin happy: Don’t wash your face with the hotel or hostel hand soap. Invest in a travel skincare kit, like the tiny one from Snowberry Beauty, to keep your skin in check while on the road. I like the Snowberry Beauty Sample Kit because it comes equipped with face wash, eye cream, face serum and both day and night creams — pretty much everything you’d need while away in super-small, easy-to-pack packaging. Don’t need a face serum? Use the tube as a hand moisturizer instead!

Face Wipes: Traveling can make you sweaty and dusty and gross-feeling. When you’re on the go and nowhere near a sink, it’s good to have face wipes on hand to get rid of the grime. Murad’s Clarifying Wipes for blemish-prone skin are great, and double as impromptu hand wipes — the astringent witch hazel in the wipes leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. Stick ‘em in your purse and forget about it!

A Handy, Adorably Mini Makeup Kit: You’re beautiful. You don’t need to lug around your full makeup kit when a travel-sized kit will do. We especially love Benefit’s She’s So Jetset kit, which contains pore minimizer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss in shades the compliment pretty much anyone.

A Travel Size Flat-Iron: Maybe you flat iron your hair, maybe you don’t, no big whoop. If you do, investing in a mini-flat iron will save you the trouble of lugging around your regular monster-size flat iron. And tip! When you’re not traveling, leave your flat iron in the office, in case you have any hair-mergencies.

Conditioner: In a lot of countries it’s common to use shampoo but not conditioner. Even some of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed at have only offered shampoo and shower gel but no conditioner. If you, like me, require a buttload of conditioner to manage your hair, you should probably bring your own. It was nearly impossible to find conditioner the first two days I was in Morocco and I will never again travel without it. And your conditioner can double as a pomade or hair treatment when you’ve left yours at home.