The Ugliest Shoes You’ll Never Consider Spending $1,200 On

Despite an unceremonious fall from grace in 1992, ’80s artist Rob Pruitt is making a name for himself once again in the contemporary art world, thanks in part to the chrome statue of Andy Warhol he erected on a high-traffic street corner in Manhattan’s Union Square last year. One would think that, with his irreverent creative sensibilities and the offhand, possibly misconstrued brand of “racism” that got him ousted from the scene in the first place, luxury fashion collaborations would be off the radar for this former wunderkind. Not so! Far from it, in fact — Pruitt has dreamed up an 18-piece collection for none other than Jimmy Choo, and God, is it hideous.

The artist says of the inspiration behind the wares, “I think about birds and bees and how they’re attracted to the colorful and architectural audacity of flowers. I use glitter in my artwork in hopes that the viewer will experience the same magnetism toward my artwork that birds and bees experience toward flowers.” Which is totally understandable, and I get it (I do?), but these shoes cost upward of $1,000 and, like, I’m pretty sure even Betsey Johnson would admit that they’re kinda tacky. I could see these on, say, Nicki Minaj, or maybe Katy Perry on a weird day, but that’s about it. [The Gloss]